Sophia’s Spring Wardrobe List: Part Two | Old Navy Haul

Today I’m going to be sharing with you our Old Navy Haul for Sophia’s Spring Wardrobe update and I’ll be giving you a complete list of my absolute favorite pieces that we purchased!

You’ve been seeing me post a LOT about the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons and it’s because I’m just too excited to ditch winter. Y’all, let me just tell you.. Living with toddlers is challenging on so many different levels- but I can’t stand layering during the winter. Fighting Sophia to put some stinkin’ pants on- or a shirt, jacket, gloves, hat, socks, boots, etc- over and over and over again, daily- and don’t even get me started on layers while potty training.. NO THANK YOU. The layering game struggle is REAL, y’all. Too real.

With that being said, dresses are a HUGE Spring and Summer must-have in the Mongelli household. After the serious winter wardrobe struggle, the complete ease of Spring and Summer wardrobes are welcomed with open arms!

Not only are dresses light, comfortable, and super cute, but you can dress them up or down with little-to-no effort! They’re just so dang easy! Needless to say, you’ll be seeing a lot of Sophia wearing dresses this season, and I’ll be highlighting a lot of our favorites for y’all during these next few months.

So, without further adou, let’s hop to it! Here is Sophia’s Spring Wardrobe List: Part Two:

(click the link above to see the full list-
I’m currently in the process of switching blog platforms so it’ll just show up in the future- bare with me friends!)

The really awesome thing about Old Navy is that they have some CRAZY good deals on toddler clothing- almost always! We got ALL OF THESE pieces above (plus some not pictured- yet) for around $130. And right now they have an EXTRA 15% off of EVERYTHING going on- no exclusions. That means those sale items are now priced even lower.. I’m not bitter. Haha!

That’s 8 DRESSES, 2 PAIRS of super cute shoes, and a bathing suit- that she really didn’t NEED- but obviously by now if you’re following along with me on social media- you know that my little mini-me is obessed with Minnie Mouse! That ruffled bathing suit was a MUST-HAVE in Sophia’s closet this summer and I couldn’t chance it selling out in her size later. I had to snatch it up quickly. Because come on, it’s so stinkin’ adorable and too good to pass up. (fits true to size- for those of you wondering!)

Lastly, I love all of the dresses that we purchased but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is definitely the Navy Elbow-Sleeve Swing Dress (it’s only $13 on sale from $18)! Not only is the print too adorable- but the material is soft and light-weight, it hits right above Sophia’s knees and it has a casual, relaxed fit which is wonderful because she can wear it all throughout the Spring and Summer seasons!

Enjoy the deals, ladies! Go forth & be fabulous!

xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies

Enjoying our Spring Saturday // Garden, Icecream, Laughter, and a whole-lotta gorgeous North Carolina weather!

Saturday’s are for shopping (obviously) so today we did something we haven’t done yet in this town..

Those of y’all that know me personally or have been following along with me for a while now already know that I try to avoid shopping malls like the plague. For many reasons, but the main one being my anxiety skyrocketing from being around way too many random people at once- all pushing and shoving trying to find the “deals” that these big corporate stores are having that day- no thank you. I need my personal space and don’t enjoy strangers brushing up on me. However, since we couldn’t find these particular shades that Jeff was eyeing at another brick-and-mortar store, we knew the mall would surely have them- and they did.

I’m pretty sure this was also the first trip to the mall that Sophia will actually remember- and let me tell ya’, this girl was a fan! She loves shopping, (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there, friends!) she loves food, and she loved the big cookie she got for being such a good girl! (Any fellow mamas spoil the crap out of their kids if they don’t act a fool in public? I see you)


We came home, got messy in our garden, played outside and then had more treats. This weather is too beautiful not to soak up every second!

One of the most beautiful things about being a parent is watching your children fall madly in love with the hobbies that you love. I absolutely adore that most of the hobbies Sophia has picked up on show her how to take care of things.

Gardening is a big hobby of mine that I believe teaches wonderful life lessons. With little eyes always watching, I believe it’s so important to bestow meaningful activities upon our children rather than the “norm” nowadays. (especially in this day in age)

We started last year when I wanted to dabble into a vegetable garden. She helped me plant the peppers and zucchini’s from seeds and she beamed from ear to ear when she saw them growing. After we planted the seeds, she watered them every single day and anticipated their growth. Life lesson learned: “In life, we have to take care of things if we want them to return the favor,” and also, “Don’t rush the process, good things take time. And sometime more time”

SHOP: SIMILAR BOWS (Also HERE & HERE & HERE) Her outfit was a gift from her auntie- but HERES another romper I’m loving)

I hope everyone has had the most fabulous Saturday like we have! How do you spend your Saturday’s? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies

Sophia’s Spring Wardrobe List: Number One

After the last North Carolina snowfall, the air has been crisp in the morning and warmer during the day. Is Spring among us? In honor of our excitement, I’ve compiled a list of looks for the start of Sophia’s spring wardrobe and I’m sharing them with you! There will be a “Number Two” to this post so stay tuned for more styles I’m loving!

LOOK NUMBER ONE: Dark Florals & Silver Boots


I’ve highlighted the shoes I linked before because I’m obsessed with them and believe every mini needs a pair!

Look Number Two: Black on Black

// BEANIE (less expensive) $4 (Also obsessed with THIS ONE) // DRESS (under $15) // SHOES (50% OFF) OR (similar, less expensive versions HERE & HERE) // KNEE HIGH SOCKS (Also HERE & HERE)

This look is fabulous, and thankfully Sophia already has 2 out of the 4 items from this look so I’m not spending a ton of money on it. Black is so chic- yes, even on toddlers!

LOOK NUMBER THREE: Cool, Casual and Collected

DENIM TOP (ALSO HERE & HERE) // LEGGINGS (These are a MUST-HAVE! On sale for $4!!!) // CONVERSE // SHADES (Also loving THESE & THESE)

This look is so effortless and cool. Everyone needs a pair of classic chucks- and I’m so excited for Sophia to get these! They’ll go with so many outfits.

The next part of this post are dresses that I’m currently OBSESSED with. You’ll notice a light pink trend- but I can’t help it. Not only is the color sort of a universal “girly” color, but it’s also the perfect color for Spring!


Nordstrom Rack | UNDER $20 // SHOP IT HERE //



This adorable peplum floral dress comes in both Ivory and Mustard and I’m going nuts waiting on them to get here! They’re the cutest little dresses for the season! And how stinkin’ cute are those ruffled sleeves and the key hole back detailing?!



I ordered this dress with full intent on it being Sophia’s Easter Dress- but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wait that long to put her in it.



These sequins and ruffles are everything! I’ve been searching and searching for the perfect dress for her third birthday party and am so glad I found this one. Gold and pink are perfect together and this dress screams adorable!

There will be an add-on to this post- these looks are just the start of a fabulous spring wardrobe!

xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies

The Cutest Kids Rain Boots, and Where to Find Them

I have recently gotten SO MUCH FEEDBACK on these adorable rain boots that I found for Sophia so it would be wrong of me not to share them with the world!


The really cool thing about all of Mini Melissa’s shoes is they’re infused with delicious scents! For real y’all, The pink smells like bubble gum!

I realize that $60 is a lot to pay for rain boots, especially with toddlers little feet growing rapidly, but if you go up one size they can wear them longer! I’ve also linked some really cute alternatives that I’m obsessed with below!

GIRLS SIZES // UNDER $25 // BLUE & PINK (I’d call it more of a burgundy pink)


These CAT & JACK RAINBOOTS are pretty much exact dupes for the Hunter Brand Rainboots below, (the Hunter Boots have a glossy finish and the cat & jack boots are more of a matte finish) But I’ll attach both links below!


Spring and Summer Showers require a good pair of cute rain boots, so I hope this list helps you pick the best pair!

Which are your favorites?

xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies

Sophia’s Big Girl Room Makeover


We recently took a trip home to Florida for the Holidays to be with family. Up until then, Sophia had been sleeping in her large crib. Something inside of me couldn’t accept the fact that my little baby girl finally needed a big girl bed..

She ended up sleeping on a twin size bed at my Meems’s house (her vintage metal bed was what inspired me for Sophia’s bed frame) on the last night that we were there and she slept like a baby with no mishaps! (no falling out of the bed, etc!)

Jeff then convinced me that it was time to “cut the cord” and we needed to update her room.

The next few days were spent carefully buying pieces and mentally picturing what I wanted her room to look like and going off of that image in my head. This was the end result and were in love!

This comforter is even more gorgeous and elegant in person- just as we wanted! I believe your comforter set truly sets the vibe in your room. It’s also extremely soft and cozy! They have them in multiple different sizes and colors as well- there’s even a navy blue one that would go perfectly in a little boys room!



// SHOP THE SHEETS // (They’re on sale right now which is an added bonus!)

These sheets are so cute and match the Gold/Pink princess theme we were going for perfectly!


I actually purchased these signs a while ago so I’ve linked some really pretty alternatives that would go perfectly in a room like this!

Mamas that haven’t made the switch to the big girl room yet: I won’t lie to you, watching Jeff take apart her crib & put away her changing table killed me screw by screw, piece by piece.. Not even kidding! But then it was easy for me to get excited when I saw how happy Sophia was when she saw her big girl room and her very own big girl bed.

I’ve linked all of the products for you & you’ll find them right underneath the pictures above!

Have you made the switch yet? Let me know in the comments,
I’d love to hear what theme you went with!

xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies