Elegant Rustic Farmhouse Entryway Look for Less | Shop The Look

Elegant Rustic Farmhouse Entryway Look for Less | Shop The Look | Large round mirror summer home style 2019

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An elegant rustic farmhouse entryway brings coziness and makes all guests feel welcomed as soon as they walk in the door! Updating your space doesn’t always have to break the bank! I’ve put together some of my top cozy-home picks that will look great in any space in your home.

Number 1: A framed round mirror! I love the project 62 mirror I linked because it’s (on sale for under $50 right now!) 28″ and adds dimension to every space! If you’re looking for a black frame like in the picture, you can snatch this one 24″ or this one 21″

Number 2: A texturized vase with florals or faux greenery adds character and charm to any space! Everyone knows I have an extreme obsession with target! I’m also loving THIS one and THIS one from Target for under $25!

Number 3: Goes hand in hand with number 2, but add a smaller texturized vase for extra dimension and eye appeal. I’m loving THIS, THIS, and THIS one.

Number 4: Exact match. This exact console table is behind our sofa as well BECAUSE it’s minimal, and goes so well with all of our decor. The best part? IT’S ONLY $52 RIGHT NOW! There are so many different spaces that you could stick this guy to add character to your entire house. For your entry way, in a hallway, behind the sofa- the possibilities are endless. Seriously y’all- snatch one (or two) up quickly and thank me later!

Number 5: I’m a firm believer in Garden Flowers and greenery. They genuinely soften the feel of a home, whether fresh or faux. You can never go wrong with throwing a few stems in a vase and putting them in any spot in your home to soften the feel and add some color. They truly pull the room together! My favorites for spring and summer include Peonies, Eucalyptus, Fern, and gardenias.

Number 6: We all already know that throws add coziness to your home. You can never go wrong with a simple gray & white striped throw! Just Incase Gray doesn’t go with your color scheme, here are a few of my other favorites. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Disclaimer: While I do not get paid a commission on specific products purchased that I feature- I do receive a small “pay-per-click” commission. As always, your support is greatly appreciated!

A Trendy Rustic / Farmhouse Entry Way (where to shop for less!)

SHOP | Faux Peony Stems | Faux Fern Stems | Glass Vase | Mason Jar Caddy (similar style) | Wooden Pillar (also here and here)| Pillar Lavender Candle here, here and here in a few of my favorite spring/summer scents | Faux Potted Greenery | Lamp & lampshade | Table Book | Summer Floral Scented Candles HERE, HERE, HERE | Vintage Serving Platter Similar Style (my less expensive favorites here, here, here |

One of the main things that I love about being a military family and moving so frequently is that we get to update our living spaces and sort of start from scratch every few years. Right now, I would have to say that our trendy Rustic / Farmhouse entryway is one of my favorite spaces in the house! I’ve linked a few of my favorite pieces right now for your home and hope you love them!

If you’re needing more inspiration, here are a few of my entry way necessity top picks for under $25!

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xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies

Disclaimer: While I do not get paid a commission on specific products purchased that I feature- I do receive a small “pay-per-click” commission. As always, your support is greatly appreciated!

Top Candles & Faux Peonies for Spring

I’m just over here dreaming of spring.. The past few days have actually been surprisingly warm in these parts, so I’ve got all of my favorite spring scents burning. (Too soon?)

What you probably know about Peonies is this: They’re gorgeous and smell amazing- and if you didn’t know that, now you do.

But sadly, peony season does not last very long at all. One measly spring season, and then the start to summer marks the end of peony season.

So, I’ve scoped out the best candles and faux arrangements to fill your home with that lush scent and imagery all spring and summer long!

By far the best Peony Candle and the one I keep stocked both seasons👇🏼


Notes of Mango Blossom, Freesia, and White Peony will fill your house for over 75 hours with this one candle! If you know me, you know I’m always burning candles in my home and I’ve burned this one so much I’ve even practiced burning different candles with it to see what scents I can create!

Which brings me to my next candle must-have:


Not only does the Jar remind me of my Meems’s vintage decor (she had these green hobnail glasses when I was growing up that I’m in love with) but the notes of apricot, passion fruit, and fresh grapefruit fill your house for up to 80 hours AND it’s only $12.99!

If you’re looking to add some faux Peonies to your home so you can enjoy the beautiful scent from your new candles and add some flowers into your space, I highly recommend any of the arrangements below from TJ MAXX!





Which color peony is your favorite?

I’d love to hear in the comments below!

xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies

Sophia’s Big Girl Room Makeover


We recently took a trip home to Florida for the Holidays to be with family. Up until then, Sophia had been sleeping in her large crib. Something inside of me couldn’t accept the fact that my little baby girl finally needed a big girl bed..

She ended up sleeping on a twin size bed at my Meems’s house (her vintage metal bed was what inspired me for Sophia’s bed frame) on the last night that we were there and she slept like a baby with no mishaps! (no falling out of the bed, etc!)

Jeff then convinced me that it was time to “cut the cord” and we needed to update her room.

The next few days were spent carefully buying pieces and mentally picturing what I wanted her room to look like and going off of that image in my head. This was the end result and were in love!

This comforter is even more gorgeous and elegant in person- just as we wanted! I believe your comforter set truly sets the vibe in your room. It’s also extremely soft and cozy! They have them in multiple different sizes and colors as well- there’s even a navy blue one that would go perfectly in a little boys room!



// SHOP THE SHEETS // (They’re on sale right now which is an added bonus!)

These sheets are so cute and match the Gold/Pink princess theme we were going for perfectly!


I actually purchased these signs a while ago so I’ve linked some really pretty alternatives that would go perfectly in a room like this!

Mamas that haven’t made the switch to the big girl room yet: I won’t lie to you, watching Jeff take apart her crib & put away her changing table killed me screw by screw, piece by piece.. Not even kidding! But then it was easy for me to get excited when I saw how happy Sophia was when she saw her big girl room and her very own big girl bed.

I’ve linked all of the products for you & you’ll find them right underneath the pictures above!

Have you made the switch yet? Let me know in the comments,
I’d love to hear what theme you went with!

xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies