How I Support My Shopping Addiction: Part One // (basically on the free, y’all)

So today I wanted to share with y’all one of the major ways I support my shopping addiction. I don’t know if you’ve heard or noticed- but it’s real, y’all. And even with two businesses, I don’t make NEARLY enough to support it. (insert sigh here)


Maybe you’re reading this post because, like me, you need a little extra cash here and there to support that Shopping Addiction. Or your husband/spouse is cutting your credit cards up, or you spend $250 a month on Starbucks so you just need to pay for your coffee each morning basically on the free– whatever your reason, this is the app you need!


A few years ago I had to get SUPER creative on how I was going to get a little extra cash here and there to fund my *expensive* habit and stumbled upon this little gem called Swagbucks.

The SwagBucks app is one of the best, legitimate survey apps out there! I’ve earned HUNDREDS of dollars over these past few years, not even actively doing it like some people do. (I can’t even imagine how much I could have earned if I wouldn’t have taken so much time off) 

So basically how SwagBucks works: (I’m not going to go into full detail on each way to earn because most of them are self explanatory. I’m just highlighting the ones that I use frequently!)



SHOP AND GET CASH BACK: What the whaaaat?! Okay soooo yesterday, I know. But a few years ago when I started Swagbucks there weren’t nearly as many cash back apps out there as there are now. However, even now I’ve scoped through most of these new-kid-on-the-block apps to see if the amount of cash back is greater or comparable to Swagbucks; and, to my personal delight, I’ve noticed Swagbucks is still on top *for the majority of them* I’ve seen them as high as 16SB (Swag Bucks) per $1 spent.

So, Example: Let’s say you’re doing a little online retail therapy at Target. If they’re offering 10 SB per $1 spent, you go ahead and spend $100 on those super cute textiles you found and essentially get $10 back- just for shopping through the app! Stack those on top of Target’s already fab deals- look at you go! You’re officially a saving money queen. Your husband/spouse will thank you later. Believe me!

But if Target’s not your thing (not judging, but we can’t be friends anymore) don’t worry! There are LITERALLY hundreds (maybe thousands at this point?) of stores to choose from. Some of my favorites include Old Navy (because I heart Old Navy and they always offer high SB back per dollar spent) NordstromRack, Personal Creations, Walmart, JC Penny, Lowes, Home Depot- Even food joints to traveling sites like expedia, IHG, etc!

Even if you only join SwagBucks to shop online- DO IT! I’m so serious. Why wouldn’t you want to get free money back?


PRINT AND REDEEM COUPONS: Yo- we all know by now I’m the queen of deals and I wouldn’t call myself a craaaazy coupon lady but you better believe if I find a one for pull ups laying on the side of the road (totally being dramatic) I’m going to snatch it up and use it! Because we ain’t rich, and even if we were- I’m all about saving a dollar. (And now I’ve shifted to sassy…)

So the coupons are a little hidden so I’m going to walk you through it.

  1. Go to the section that says “SHOP” (It’s also the same place you’ll find stores to shop at online and get SB back per dollar spent!)
  2. Click “Grocery Coupons” (there’s also an “ONLINE COUPONS” option for codes to use while shopping online)
  3. Ba-da-bing! Just click on each coupon you want to print out and use and when you redeem them at your grocery store NOT ONLY will you get the cash money off of your grocery bill BUT you’ll also get 10 SB added to your account!

    NOTE: This takes a little more time than answering surveys- but any cash back is cash back, am I right?!) Plus- let’s say you start redeeming coupons left and right. All of a sudden your account is going to get hit with potentially hundreds of SwagBucks daily!


SURVEYS: So, let’s now talk about taking surveys. Most offer anywhere from 25-150 Swagbucks for 10-20 minutes of your time. The average payout for answering a small series of questions is 75-100 SB’s, which is equivalent to 75 cents-$1. They’re super easy to fill out and the questions are generally simple: Which do you like more, Diet Coke or Coke? How many times have you grocery shopped this month? Which stores do you prefer to buy your vitamins at? You get the idea. You won’t qualify for each panel but you can usually earn about $5 for 30 minutes of work. (That’s $10 an hour if you keep it up..)

This definitely isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme and won’t replace your full-time job BUT If you earn 100-500 SB a day, that’s $30-$150 a month that you can either cash out on or redeem for gift cards! I mainly redeem my gift cards to restaurants, Starbucks, Sephora, TJ Maxx, Old Navy and MasterCard Gift Cards, but there are HUNDREDS to choose from! Ranging from as low as $5 gift cards to $100+ gift cards!


Sign Up for SwagBucks Here and you’ll get an additional 300 SB ($3) when you earn your first 300 SB (or $3) (Yaaaaasssss, Hunny!)


Let me know in the comments your favorite ways to earn on Swagbucks!

xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies


2018 Spring Shoes // Exact Replicas of Designer Mules, Boots, & Booties // UNDER $35

I’m baaaaaack! You guys- target has done it again. I just can’t get enough of their new shoe launch! Exact replicas of designer brands over $100 for under $35. My shoe game is about to be even more on point, y’all *raise up those hands if you love a damn good deal!*

Let’s get started, shall we?

Number One On My List:


These are practically exact replicas of the $150 Karinta Block heel booties by Vince Camuto! Don’t believe me? Keep on lookin’


I first spotted these from Nordstrom a few months back for $149.95 retail. I obviously fell in love with them because, come on- they’re freakin’ adorable! But $150? Mama can’t afford that so close to Christmas!

They’re now on sale for $119.90- and if you want the name brand I’ve attached that direct link to them above! But if you don’t care about brands- I HIGHLY recommend getting the ones from Target that I linked above!

Number Two On My List:


I AM IN LOVE with Mules- they’re so comfortable, stylish, and go with everything- And at Only $22 bucks, snatch these up in both Black and Blush. You’ll wear them ALL. THE. TIME, trust me!

Number 3 On My List:


These beauties are available in both Black and Taupe and the braided detailing is so cute! I’d throw these on with distressed denim and a front tucked plain white tee. What shoe styles are you crushing on for spring? Let me know in the comments, Fashionista’s!xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies

2018 Spring Accessories That You Need Now // Marble, Vintage Gold, Coin Necklaces // Stella & Dot

Without further ado, here are my top Stella & Dot Spring pieces that I truly believe you NEED NOW. For real, just trust me on this one. These pieces go with everything- any spring outfit you can think of, these are it. Absolute accessories wardrobe staples!

I want to start out by saying that I am IN LOVE with the latest layering coins trend. This gorgeous Stella & Dot piece is Inspired by found treasures across the globe and is Versatile, meaning it can be worn 3 ways- all together or each strand can be worn separately.


• Vintage Gold Finish

• 15”, 18 ½”, 30” with 3” Extender

• Lobster Clasp Closure

Stella & DotDez Layered Necklace


Moving right along to my absolute favorite bracelets with a meaning behind them: The Anda Intention Bracelets for Strength and Courage.

 Stella & DotAnda Intention Bracelets (Strength & Courage)

I’m obsessed with these beauties because not only are they super adorable, with neural tones making them perfect for any spring outfit- but they go with everything and have a beautiful meaning behind them. One symbolizes strength while the other symbolizes courage. Two reminders I think all of us need on a daily basis.

And lastly, the Vintage Gold Nicholette Stretch Bracelet:

Stella & Dot // Nicholette Stretch Bracelet

Textured vintage gold beads in varying sizes with the ease of a stretch bracelet. Wear this bracelet solo or stack it up with other bracelets!


• Vintage Gold Finish

• 2” Diameter

• Fits SM-LG Wrists

Here are a few of my favorite stacks with these beauties featured:

Also pictured in these stacks: Stella & DotRENEGADE CLUSTER BRACELET (GOLD & SILVER)

You’ve seen me feature these Marbled & Vintage Gold gems a thousand times already, and you’ll see them a thousand more times. I wasn’t kidding when I said they’d be on REPEAT this season. They go with everything & if you’ve been eyeing them get them before they’re gone! I’ve attached direct links below each picture.

Happy Hump Day, Gorgeous!
xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies

Color Street Nails // My Newest Nail Art Obsession.

Hey there, gorgeous!

Today I have the pleasure of sharing my experience with the company Color Street Nails and my gorgeous friend and Color Street Stylist, Courtney Bitner! (Keep reading for a treat!)

Color Street Nails // COLOR CHARLESTON BLUSH // ENGRAVABLE BANGLES (Also Available in Rose Gold & Silver) // MARBLE COASTERS HERE & HERE (I’m also LOVING the gold & marble on THESE // Similar Wooden Candle Sticks HERE (under $20), & HERE (mine is an antique that was given to me by my Mama in law)

If you’ve never heard of color Street before, you’ve come to the right place! I’m sharing my personal experience with this company, my stylist, and my honest opinion on their products.

Before I start, I want to fully disclose that I was not paid by this company or given free product in exchange for this blog post. This is my honest opinion, and my true experience with this fabulous company!

These nail polish strips give you a salon quality manicure in minutes! They’re 100% real nail polish strips, and they are SUPER easy to apply (I’m the WORST at painting my nails or doing any sort of nail art- so finding this company was a God send for me!)

I purchased my first Color Street Nails through a party that my sister hosted with her friend, Courtney Bitner. Being in the direct sales business, I wanted to support my sisters party and Courtney’s small business; so, without hesitation I ordered a pair in color that I loved and knew I’d be able to pair with any outfit.

Those of you that know me know that I don’t really go get my nails done, nor do I paint my nails very often for many reasons- but mainly because they’re a lot of maintenance, I clean so much (it feels like my hands are constantly in water) and I work with my hands every single day so any sort of nail polish always chips and has to be redone. Between owning my clothing boutique, my Stella & Dot Business, and being a full-time wifey and Mama- I just don’t have the time to constantly redo my nails. Thank God I found Color Street!


I received them quickly and curiosity struck when I opened my package. I sat down, read the directions and started putting them on. These are so awesome because they’re so easy to apply, and they’re super stylish! Because I had no clue about them or had never even heard of this company before- I had every expectation that they were going to chip within a few days because of my lifestyle- and my standards were so low (from my own experiences with past nail salon nails and painting my own nails) that I was okay with the thought of them chipping after a couple of days.

Fast forward to a week later: To my MAJOR pleasant surprise, they were still perfectly intact and still looked like I had just gotten a fresh manicure. No lifestyle changes, same hectic day-to-day routine- they were just still simply perfection and by this moment I was hooked.

On top of their high quality products- they have MULTIPLE different styles to choose from! Solid colors are my personal favorite but they have glitter colors, french nails, nail art designs and they even have exclusive holiday designs each season!

And lastly- let’s talk this surprising price point. They’re VERY inexpensive, with prices ranging from $11 USD to $13 USD (and they always have specials going on!)

Specials right now that I saw include Buy 3 Get 1 Free, and Buy 1 Get 1 Free on the french manicure sets! But Courtney could tell you more about specials!

If you’ve never tried Color Street Nails, I HIGHLY recommend them. And if you don’t already have a Stylist- I highly recommend mine, Courtney Bitner! Not only is this supa’ fine Mama extremely sweet and humble, but she always answers any questions I have really quickly! Customer service is SO important to me, and she truly goes above and beyond!

Pictured above is Courtney with the Founder and Creator of Color Street, Mr. Fa Park!

Shop/Browse Courtney’s Color Street Website Here:

If you’re interested but are a little skeptical, anyone that wants a sample to try before you buy can email Courtney directly at

Let me know if you’ve tried color street nails in the comments below! I’d love to hear your experiences as well. And, if you’ve never tried them but plan on trying them, let me know that too! I truly hope I can take some credit for introducing you to your newest obsession. (haha!)

Happy Tuesday, Friends!
xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies
Instagram: @tormongelli 

A Chic and Effortless Meghan Markle Inspired Street-Style Look

Happy Fri-Yay, everyone!! I’ve been featuring this Chic Duster Cardigan from Sophia Ann Boutique a lot lately & I took it out for a spin last weekend and got SOOOOO many compliments on my entire outfit!

I’m definitely a sucker for black and I’m still so obsessed with the put-together Meghan Markle look I’ve been going for lately! I’m attaching the exact links to the entire outfit that I wore for y’all! But first.. How fab is she?!


Okay, I know. I’m a little obsessed. Let’s get to the inspired look!


Sophia Ann Boutique // BLACK BASIC TEE $29 // US Sizes S-M-L-XL
Note: This Basic Tee is BUTTER-SOFT Y’ALL!

NORDSTROM | BLACK DISTRESSED DENIM (On SALE, under $30) // Also loving these: HERE & HERE (both under $50)



There are 3 different colors to this Duster Cardi and while I wore the black (the Taupe would go well with the products I linked, too) but I think the peony pink would be fab with white tones & some distressed denim!

ASOS // STRIPED BASIC TEE $24 (Also this & this)

H&M // DISTRESSED DENIM (on sale under $20!)

Are you guys gearing up for the weekend?! What fun plans do you have?

xx, Torey Mongelli | Bright Peonies