If you’re on the east coast like we are- you already know we got hit with some serious cold weather last week! East coast states all the way down to Florida felt the bitter cold arctic temps and even saw some snow! It actually snowed in my hometown- Tallahassee, Florida for the first time in almost 30 years!

When Sophia was born we lived in Upstate New York at Fort Drum (talk about FREEZING cold, y’all. This Florida gal couldn’t hang) and we moved back to Florida for a year while Jeff was on rotation in Korea. She was only a year old so she didn’t remember ever seeing snow. Needless to say, seeing her face when she felt that cold fluff for the *sort of* first time was magical for Jeff and I!

I did my best to capture the cuteness for y’all- but it was short lived because she was EVERYWHERE! For those who are interested: The links to her outfit are posted below!



COZY PULLOVER SWEATER // LEATHER JACKET (similar style) // SILVER SPARKLE BOOTS These boots are SO CUTE and sparkly! They have ribbons for laces, a grey velvet exterior, and the snow is covering the glitter on the toe caps but trust me on this one- every little girl needs a pair of these!



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